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LTC Timecode Reader (Beta)
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Output timecode synchronized to Time of Day
Feature Comparison
Custom Start Time (e.g. Start at 00:00:00)
Set Custom User-Bits
Read incoming timecode
Runs in background
Tablet-Friendly UI
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Portrait and Landscape Orientation
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23.976 fps
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"Can't believe I downloaded this 5 years ago. I have been recommending it to my clients when their Studio clock time code generator blows (it happens often). So far it's worked flawlessly."
Excellent "Very well done, now how about doing a LTC reader"
"It works every time and very reliably! thank you for this great app and for making it free!"
Great App "What we really need is an LTC reader app. Please :)"
What android needed "Finally I can get rid of that old mp3 on my phone."